Pure Cold Filtered Honey

Just the way nature and the bees intended.

Our honey is produced locally in the Southern suburbs of Melbourne, making it the sweet taste of home or a sweet memory to take home. The traditional cold extraction and filtration methods used, together with manual bottling ensures the full flavour and nutrition of our honey is maintained for your enjoyment .


" Hello , my name is Glenn, I'm the beekeeper that produces 'Glenron honey', with a little help from my bees of course. My bees are my passion and therefore, great attention is payed to their wellbeing because healthy bees produce premium honey. No antibiotics or chemicals are used in my hives, just good hive managment and close attention to the needs of my bees.

During the winter months, most beekeepers feed sugar or sugar syrup to their bees to maintain their hives, this is not a practice I believe in, I always leave enough honey stores for my bees to maintain a strong, healthy colony over winter.


Due to a limit of only two hives allowed to be kept on urban properties , we have spread our apiary over a wide area useing a host system, where by, we place hives in people's gardens who enjoy the wonders of nature and bees, and of course the sweet rewards, but don't have the time  or the passion to become active beekeepers. This system allows us to take full advantage of the unique flora of Port Phillip Bay foreshore and surrounding parks and urban gardens. Our hosts are rewarded with a free pollination service and a share of the honey extrcted from the hives.

If you think you would like to take part in our host system or would like to know more, please contact us.